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  • Birth Doula Services

    As a birthing doula my aim is that you go into your labour confident that you know what you want from your birth and that you have all the support that you need. I will help eliminate any worries or fears as your labour approaches so that you can really look forward to the birthing experience.

    I provide several one to one antenatal preparation sessions, usually in the comfort of your home. I am available throughout your pregnancy on the phone and by email and will provide continuous support up to and throughout your baby’s birth. My on-call period runs from 38-42 weeks, 24 hours a day until after your baby has been born. I will then visit you after your baby has been born to debrief the birth, offer support and answer any questions or concerns. I am very happy to come and meet you to discuss how I could support you, it is often easier face to face.

    Doula birth support, including antenatal preparation, a hypnobirthing course and a postnatal visit – £1800

    Doula birth support, including antenatal preparation and a postnatal visit – £1700

  • Indian Head Massage

    Indian Head massage is a powerful therapy which leaves you feeling relaxed, balanced and energised. This relaxing massage works on the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face. I use various techniques to help release blockages and relieve physical and emotional tension and stress. It also stimulates the circulation in the scalp which nourishes the hair roots and encourages healthy hair growth. It can also improve concentration, relieving headaches, eye strain, neck strain and anxiety. This is a wonderful treatment during pregnancy, which leaves you with a feeling of peace and calm.

    I offer this treatment in the comfort of your home, in the second and third trimester and beyond!

    30 mins – £35

    45 mins – £50

    A course of 4 x 45 mins treatments – £180

  • Postnatal Doula Services

    The first few weeks of a baby’s life is an exciting time. However, it can be exhausting, overwhelming and an anxious experience for new mothers and families. I provide continuous emotional and physical support during the early days, so that you can rest, relax and enjoy your baby.

    I can offer guidance and encouragement in the routine care of a baby such as bathing, nappy changing, dressing, soothing techniques, sleeping and feeding patterns, breastfeeding advice and support, positioning and attachment and bottle feeding. I can also cook meals and stock your freezer, shop for you and look after older siblings. Importantly I can make limitless cups of tea and offer a soothing, listening ear!

    Postnatal support – £30 per hour

  • Hypnobirthing Classes

    A KG Hypnobirthing course will give you and your partner the knowledge and the tools to have a truly positive birth experience, as well as give your baby the best possible start in life.

    During the course, you will learn to rebuild trust and confidence in your own body’s ability to birth, by understanding that ‘birth’ is not a medical emergency, but a very natural process. A woman who is free from fear and feels safe and unobserved will produce oxytocin and endorphins freely, paving the way for a gentle, calm and empowering birth. I will show you how to release that fear, through breathing techniques, deep relaxation, visualisations as well as the power of the mind and positive  affirmations.

    I will also weave in my extensive experience having attended over a hundred births as a birth doula. I will provide you with considerable practical information based on this experience. I regularly support births at West Mid, Kingston, Chelsea and Westminster and Queen Charlottes, so I can help you to prepare for birth at your specific hospital. I can also show your partner how to practically support you in labour – there are plenty of amazing techniques and tips, well honed through years of experience! By the end of the course you will both be fully confident and relaxed as you approach the birth of your baby. You will receive the Hypnobirthing book by Katherine Graves, a folder of handouts to guide your practice at home and a relaxation MP3 download, as well as my ongoing support if needed.

    The next courses running are:

    Sat 11th July 10.30-5pm, at Earthlife and Fitness in Kew – £175 which includes a 50% off a hydro-therm pregnancy massage treatment at Earthlife.

    Wed 8th, 15th & 22nd July at 7.30pm at The Maris Practice in Twickenham – £270.

    All current classes are being run on zoom one to one – contact me for details. July’s courses may also run on zoom.

    I also run refresher and hypnobirthing essentials courses as well as private one to one classes. Please email for details.

  • Baby Massage

    Baby massage is a centuries old tradition that provides both mother and baby with significant and undisputed benefits that are widely endorsed by medical practitioners across the world.

    The benefits to your baby:

    – Improves relaxation, encouraging longer sleep duration for infants.

    – Helps to relieve the effects of colic, teething, constipation and wind.

    – Stimulates all a baby’s major systems: co-ordination, respiration, digestion, learning ability and language development.

    – Helps strengthen the bond between you and baby.

    I offer a 5 week class at my home in East Twickenham and will demonstrate how to massage your baby with confidence as well as an informative discussion about all the benefits. My classes are extremely relaxed and you are welcome to feed and see to your baby’s needs throughout the class. The class is roughly an hour long and includes a good cup of tea, cake and a chat after.

    The cost is £75 and includes organic oils, homemade refreshments and handouts for each session. The next course running is Thurs 6th July at 12pm. I also run courses at The Maris Practice in St.Margarets, the next course running there is Thurs 2nd July at 10.30am.

    All baby massage classes are currently on zoom on a drop in basis on Wed at 11am – . Alternatively, if you have a group of  friends that would like to do it together, I am offering a course of 3 for £24pp at dates and times to suit, contact me to discuss.

  • Baby Yoga

    The style of Yoga that I teach is based on Hatha yoga – the union of balance of body and mind – and incorporates massage, soft stretching and gentle movements to make it appropriate for babies, ensuring a fun and rewarding experience. Yoga helps to release blockages of tension in the body. Tension can block the flow of energy and cause the body to tighten and become painful, for example in colic and teething.

    The benefits to your baby include:

    – All the benefits already stated in baby massage – relaxation, longer sleep and relieving of symptoms of colic, teething and constipation.

    – Helps balance, co-ordination and motor skills.

    – Strengthens your baby’s body and reflexes.

    – Stimulates the brain and major organs.

    – Develops physical confidence and muscle development as well as spacial awareness.

    – Increases bonding and is a fun and a great social environment for you and your baby.

    Run from my home, my classes are extremely relaxed and you are welcome to see to your baby’s needs throughout. The class is roughly an hour long and includes a good cup of tea, cake and a chat after and is payable by the session (£12/class). These baby yoga classes are every Tues at 10.15am – this is a very popular class and places are limited. Classes currently £4 online book through