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  • Rosie was amazing! Without her I have no idea how we would have got through the birth. It would certainly have been more stressful. From our first meeting we both felt far more relaxed, Rosie gave us great advice and offered a whole new perspective on things - birth shouldn't be something to worry about. Sophie had a very fast labour and I genuinely think that was down to the grounding Rosie gave us. From the man's perspective it was invaluable to have someone else there to help out, answer questions and give you both the support you need leading up to and during the birth.
    James, father of Eva, St.Margarets
  • Rosie provided fantastic support to me before and during labour as our birth doula. She is very knowledgable and calm, which helped reassure and build my confidence. Rosie was a great support to my partner too and worked well with the midwives in the hospital. I had a very straightforward natural birth and am sure that Rosie's support was a factor in this.'
    Rosie, mother of Milo, Barnes
  • Thanks for your support... my dream birth would never have happened without you being there for us!''
    Raquel, mother of Nicolai and Ines, Teddington
  • Oh Rosie! Thank you so much for everything - for being such a wonderful, strong and loving support. Without you I wouldn't have pulled through. I'm still marvelling at this wonderful birth experience and trying to comprehend it. It was amazing!'
    Bergit, mother of Louisa and Sophia, Richmond.
  • Dear Rosie, just wanted to say thank you so much for what you have done for us. It was so reassuring to have you there. You are warm, kind and so supportive and we couldn't have done it without you.
    Tamsin, Thames Ditton (mother of May)

  • Hi Rosie, just a quick note to say thanks for our terrific ante-natal sessions.  Your personal approach, thorough preparation, reassuring manner, and wealth of practical knowledge really helped boost my confidence for my first labour.  I'm certain this was a strong factor in my smooth and natural delivery.
    Slawka, St.Margarets (mother of Victoria)
  • Rosie was brilliant at the birth of our baby boy. She is very reassuring and helped take unnecessary stress out of the situation by dealing with the maternity ward staff. This meant that I could concentrate on supporting my wife and my wife could concentrate on giving birth! Our baby boy was born without any need for pain relief or other interventions and I think that is largely down to the calming environment that Rosie created.
    Zayed, Richmond (father of Eskander)
  • I cannot thank you enough for your amazing support, kindness, laughter and willingness to be there every step of my marathon journey. I had confidence because you were there and could not have imagined it without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Felicity, Sheen (mother of Freja)
  • 'Thanks to Rosie's invaluable support, we felt fully prepared and optimistic in the run up to Romilly's birth and throughout the labour. We had the natural water birth we planned, and I honestly don't think I could have done it without her.  My husband, who initially wasn't sure whether we needed a doula at all, must have said "Rosie was brilliant, thank god she was there" about 50 times once she was born!'

    Lottie, mother of Romilly, St.Margarets.

  • Rosie was a wonderful support in the lead up and during the birth of my second child. She helped my husband and I prepare for the birth by introducing us to hypnobirthing. With the use of music, relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques I was able to prepare for the natural birth I wanted. During my labour thanks to Rosie my husband felt empowered as he knew how to support me by encouraging me to remain calm and focused on my breathing. This meant that I felt fully supported emotionally. Having Rosie at the birth of my daughter provided us with confidence, strength and the support we needed resulting in a very special, positive experience for us both. Thank you Rosie x
    Grace, Isleworth (mother of Leo and Poppy)
  • As a mum to be I found the help and support of Rosie as a birthing doula invaluable. Her knowledge regarding childbirth was vast. The support before and during the birth gave me the confidence to have the perfect birth experience. In addition her network within the Richmond borough is fabulous and she offers helpful information and encouragement without hesitation.
    Sara, Twickenham (mother of Felix and Briony)
  • I was very worried about childbirth and pregnancy, especially as I have not got close family or friends with babies nearby. Rosie helped me feel much more confident about the whole experience and provided lots of information so that I could make an informed choice about what I wanted to achieve with my birth. I had a few medical issues in late pregnancy, and I am convinced that had I not had Rosie I would not have achieved the natural birth that I eventually had.
    Emma, St.Margarets (mother of Freya)
  • We did Rosie's hypnobirthing course and it completely set my mind at ease. Not only were we completely prepared and understood the birth process both physically and mentally, we were reassured that we would be in control. Through the knowledge gained from Rosie, we felt confident to refuse induction based on a variety of facts, went home and went into labour naturally 3 hours later! We had a water birth, with no pain relief and no tear and it was a fantastic experience - I felt totally in control and couldn't have hoped for a more lovely welcome to the world for our baby. None of this would have been possible without Rosie, we are eternally grateful to her for all her help and would highly recommend her services to absolutely everybody!
    Caris, St.Margarets (mother of Indiana)

  • As soon as we met Rosie we knew she was the right person for us. Her years of experience and friendly, but firm, demeanor reassured us that she would give me the care and attention I needed during labour, and would also be able to mediate confidently with medical staff regarding any important decision making.
    As with most folk we joined our local ante-natal group, but the additional information and guidance we received from Rosie was invaluable. She really covered all bases, answering all our questions and made us both feel thoroughly prepared for the big day. I can genuinely say that with her ongoing encouragement I was really looking forward to the birth.
    Our baby decided to make his journey a lot faster than anticipated, and it was entirely thanks to Rosie that we narrowly avoided our son being born in the back of a car. She made me feel empowered to deliver my baby with confidence, coaching me through each stage and reassuring me that my body could do this.
    Rosie is an absolute star and although the labour process is no longer a mystery to us, if baby number two turns up, we won’t hesitate to call her again. Thank you Rosie!
    Kirsten, St.Margarets (mother of Santiago)